Software Development in an Internet Separated Environment

Internet has become everything nowadays. Without a network connection, almost everyone feels one of their legs is broken. Pretty this is a thought for almost anyone who uses internet extensively. More than this, what happens when there needs to be a software development (which is the boom of today’s world), in an environment without internet or any network connection via mobile or computers or laptops? Let’s discuss few things on how software can still be developed and be productive in an internet separated or without having a proper network connection facility.

What needs to be known?

When there is a power shortage, or any kind of network outreach failure has been taken place, in an IT company or any networking organization, the first and foremost things that the developers need to know is, how to survive in a production environment like this situation?
Some of the things that needs to be taken into consideration and to be kept in mind are:
i. Everything is on a FILE

– Whatever we are coding or developing, pretty much everything would be stored in a separate database which can be accessed without the need of an internet connection. It is similar to how we store in hardcopy format (like raw files and folders).
– We have that system in an IT related environment too. This significantly reduces the complexity of what needs to be done while there is an internet outreach or failure.
ii. Information is Exposed to you

– When developers are specifically separated from internet outrage, it is important to know that the information is all that you have. It is all exposed to you in front of your table.
– They are easily accessible and there are multiple ways in which the develop can gather the data for software development.
iii. Backup servers

� People should know that application servers which are related to the working application are not the only server where the information is stored. As mentioned earlier, you will have the file stored everything and anywhere, that you can get accessibility too.

iv. Seeking the community Help

– When you know that there is an inaccessibility in the internet especially while developing a software system, it is important and to be mindful of our community, i.e., our company community library.
– Once can get an easy access to have the community online library which has all the sources and can gain access without an internet connectivity.

Summary Overview
Thus, it is important to know every aspect of developing software’s in a most unlikely situation. To summarize few points, please be mindful of take these into consideration.
– Don’t always thing that you would be having internet connection 24X7 in a working environment. Think of the odds. Think of what will happen if your five-day coded information just disappears. Thing of the worst case.
– Be cautious and aware of the surroundings and situation when you are separated from internet
– Do not wait for someone to come and clear your dust. Step up and move forward.

With all these keeping in mind, it is assured that you would be a pro and would be mastering in how to survive in an internet separate environment for software development.